Bed Bath & Barrel is a family business founded 6 years ago by Norman Valdés, his wife, Myriam Garcia and Fernando Garcia.

At the beginning of 2001, during a deep political and security crisis, living a general uncertainty in Colombia, under the firm conviction to believe in the opportunities that the country offers, and believing in our passion in Colombia, we made the decision to open our first store in Bogotá Colombia on 109th street, which at present is the most important “design center” of the country.

We became the pioneers of a tendency that delayed to start in our country; with modern products, exclusive design and contemporary concepts.
We included a special product portfolio manufactured in Colombia with the best suppliers and world class quality.

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Working under a clear mission and vision, improving step by step the quality of life of the Colombian consumer niche.

During 2005, we advanced in the consolidation of our service promise, the quality of our products, good customer service, positioning the brand and opening new stores in the main cities of the country; such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla.

Moreover, we became an oriented brand in high standards of quality and clients; receiving the proposal of the most important Gourmet chain in Colombia; “Pomona, part of the Casino Group of France.”

Starting an alliance at the beginning of 2005, we opened stores within the chain; having 7 stores at a national level; 3 in Bogotá, 2 in Medellin and 1 in Barranquilla under the similar structure.

c) Today, what is the concept/basic idea/theme for your store – what do you stand for?

At this time, we are starting a new strategic alliance with MasterCard and Bank of Credit subsidiary of Helm Bank of USA, giving the market the first “Black” credit card just for elite customers, with never seen benefits and special customer service. We have also built a Black salon for credit card members only with biometry access.

With this alliance comes a new generation of spectacular stores under a new philosophy and commercial culture. The basic idea is to offer a clear service promise; “Comfort and exclusive Feature”. Therefore, we are starting a total reconstruction of our stores; with new visual merchandising focused on food, gourmet and comfort spaces; everything under one service promise; “To have the most amazing buying experience ever lived”.

We have designed two great atmospheres trims in the same product proposal for the home that we have always presented;

1. GOURMET ATMOSPHERES: named “Chef´s salon” to create a food service and enology culture for our customers around products with special alliances in every city with the best restaurants, chefs and wine distributors. The idea is to offer a great experience and non predictable visit to our stores for all our customers.
In Bogotá, we opened a new exclusive area for “Alfredo’s Bistro” restaurant, the chef and owner of the restaurant that works permanently in our stores offering training to our customers about his restaurant menu. Ayres del Plata from La Patagonia in Argentina is also offering Maridaje and wine catas.

Both generate for our clients never ending moments that are associated with our products and services for your kitchen, bar and everything for your home.
In addition, around the store we show the most important jazz videos and Gourmet channels in different TV plasmas.

2. COMFORT ATMOSPHERE: We offer comfortable and rewarding experiences that leave a pleasurable memory were each visit from customers; have a special area with big sofas to get massages in the Homedics portfolio.

In this way we reoriented our philosophy of products, offering experiences that enrich singular moments during your purchase as well your home.